Youth Engagement

Key Figures

Supported over 4000 young people across London into Education, Employment or Training.

Through our creative app programme we have supported 4 members of staff into high paid roles in the digital industry.

We employ apprentices as a part of our work force and are committed to paying them the London living wage.

Engaged over 6,000 young people across London and the South East in activities and events.

What do our young people say about us?

“My Apprenticeship provides me with access to real-world practical learning, with up-to-date methods and technology.Overall it has helped me to build character, employability skills and valuable practical learning opportunities”. LH

“Playback mentors go the extra mile and it really makes a difference” SO

“My mentor believed in me when I did not believe in myself” SO

“Playback mentors teach us skills for life” SO

“I’ve enjoyed working with Playback for my Apprenticeship. I feel like this was the best path for me to take as I have learnt work-based skills, gained a lot of experience and earned a wage while doing so and that is  something you can’t get from going to college”.SO